Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Home and Commute

My Commute Route
I now live in Woodinville and my commute is 14.5 miles, most of it is on the West Sammamish River trail. I love my new commute, it is not too hilly, it is longer and it is beautiful. The trail is basically a bike highway during the morning commute. No intersections or cars, just a nice smooth trail with ramps to exit or enter at various roads. A great way to start the day. Once I replace my camera I will take some pictures.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I despise blame the victim chatter.

Why is it that every single car/bike crash or tragedy story is marred by everyone and his brother rushing to blame the victim? A man gets dragged 150 ft behind a car and immediately they story is about the evils of fixies. About how you must avoid confrontation, about how the cyclist must have been drunk, about how he curses at his mother, about how the cyclist must be a devil worshiper, etc.

This is the standard fare for all cycling stories. I have never seen a single crash story involving cyclists and motorists that didn't blame the victim. Not one. The best part is how we are all supposed to be very hands off with the motorist since we don't know the circumstances yet. So everyone just unleashes all their suspicion on the cyclist.

So for everyone blaming the victim, enjoy your final vacation in hell.

Friday, August 14, 2009

SlowCoach's Raptobike in Scotland

Raptobike with Tailbox
Wow! (more pictures on SlowCoach's thread at BROL)

This is Slowcoach's raptobike in Scotland. It only recently arrived; he and I had been corresponding regarding his bike search and he went for the Raptobike after a test ride and loaner from Laid Back Cycles. It is beautiful and highly functional. I have to admit I am drooling.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hilarious Cycling Video

Performance - the name of the game.

This is just way too funny. You should watch it.
(h/t Bike Portland)

Busy Busy Little Bee

Commuting 001

I am closing on a new house, my Father-in-Law is in town, I have two major projects due at work and am still trying to coordinate my bike stuff. I am swamped and not posting much right now. Sorry.

I did at least put up some new dog pictures and some commuting shots. So take a look and see.

Cyclelicious is running a contest

Cyclelicious is running a contest for a free tee-shirt from Strange Cargo.

It sounds like a bit of fun.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Insanely funny video

You need to watch this, Tiffani Thiessen on why she is too busy for the "Saved by the Bell" reunion.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great fun at the Dog park today

We went to Magnuson "Small Dog" Dog park today early in the morning. We saw Uno and his family (Aden and Mark) as well as Lola and her family. We also met the cutest Italian Greyhounds. 3 in one family and 1 in another, the stars were Blaze and Neville, both very cute and unusually dog friendly Italian Greyhounds. There was also an unknown black dog who played fetch with Casey and hung out. Lots of very cute pictures with the two of them hanging out and playing fetch.

This was one of the best days we have had for Casey playing with other dogs and Lucy had a ton of fun with the Italian Greyhounds and the French Bulldogs (no pictures of that unfortunately).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Raptobike "White Rabbit" is home again

Raptobike Front right view
The "White Rabbit" is home again. She has a new frame, new Terracycle idlers and a new rear rack by Tubus. The rack will allow me to use my Ortlieb panniers in the near term and will be the mount for my tailbox longer term. I need to be prepared for my new commute. BTW, the idler kit for the Raptobike is not on Terracycle's web site yet, just call their office and Pat or Robert will get it out to you. It is very nice and comes with Raptobike specific instructions. The Kirland Bike Shop put everything together for me and got my Raptobike running again.

I am still waiting on my Schwalbe Kojaks, and the new front rim from Velocity but the bike is a dream. I took it for a 20 mile test ride today and loved it. The new idlers eliminate the two issues I had with my Raptobike. I had been having trouble with the chain jumping due to my chain line not being perfectly adjusted. If I hit bumps while coasting it might jump off. That problem is gone, but was specific to my setup, not a Raptobike issue as much as a tuning issue. The other issue I had was that the stock power side idler use to grab jeans, shorts or any non-lycra clothing on my right leg. This includes hair and flesh. I had been just careful to wear 9" inseam lycra shorts. Now with the thinner toothed idler this problem is GONE.
idlers and me
As you can see in the picture there is now a decent distance between my thigh and the idler. I also rode around wearing regular shorts and there were no issues. This is a bigger deal and very welcome.

All in all the bike seems to be better than ever and it was a dream before. I can't wait to move into my new house and set up my workshop so I can build a coroplast tailbox.