Monday, October 19, 2009


Recumbent Panda
I have been riding the Corsa lately. The White Rabbit is in the shop getting a new front wheel and new brake pads. I miss the raptobike greatly. With the rear rack on the Raptobike I have a much higher carrying capacity and can take my laptop home which I cannot do confidently with the Corsa. The internal hub and easier start off the line makes the Raptobike a much better commuter as well.

The new rim is in and Kirkland Bike Shop is doing their normal stellar job of building me a new front wheel. So soon I will be back to this:
Commuting 001


Russell said...

What makes the starts on the Raptobike easier than the Corsa?

Are you sure the inability to carry your laptop isn't a bonus? :P

Duncan Watson said...


Two things.
1st - I am lower to the ground and can easily keep on foot on my right pedal to accelerate and go.

2nd - the Internal hub means I can downshift easily to make sure I start in a good gear for it.

There is something about the angle from seat to (bb) pedal height as well. I was trying to start the corsa with my Raptobike method and really had trouble with the gear I was in. I have to be in one of my lowest gears to overcome static friction and get moving. But that doesn't seem the case on my raptobike. I can start even in the highest gear if I want to.

I used to count inability to carry the laptop as a bonus. But with the longer commute there are days I want to work from home, and having the laptop is a good thing for that.

Nelson Ralls said...

looking forward to seeing the white rabbit back in action! Picked up my 406mm, 36H, capreo wheelset today and mounted my nice fat 37mm tires! Of course now its pouring rain! We've had so much rain lately I beginning to think I'm your neighbor.

Take Care,