Sunday, August 8, 2010


Route-08Aug10, originally uploaded by Watson House.

Today I did a bit of exploring and tried a new route (on ridewithgps here). It was pouring rain and I got lost a couple of times but the Mango was great.
Avg Speed: 14.7 (blech)
Distance: 42.3 miles
Elevation Gain: +1769ft

I ended up using both the foam cover and my STP jacket on this ride. I didn't expect it to be so wet and chilly.

Here is my slideshow of pictures from the ride:


Brad Niemeyer said...

Looks like you did some good exploring. I tried highway 9 up to snohomish a while back and that was not too bad. Snohomish county has some decent low traffic routes.

I've been off the bike since STP, Cross training on the roller blades and starting to run again. After August 18 lets go for a ride OK?

Duncan Watson said...

It was a low traffic morning with the rain. I have never explored North before and so I was very pleased. I may try to go even farther North, the ride was fun.

Roller blades are reportedly great for recumbent cross training. I have heard good things about that. On the 21st I will be riding down to the foothills trail to meet the recumbent miniTOT gathering there. It should be a 100 mile or so round trip to meet them and then I will be doing some social riding with the trikers. Basically it will be two 50 milers with a rest break.

I am starting to get more use out of ridewithgps and putting routes into my garmin 305. It makes exploring pretty simple.

I would love to do a ride with you, though I am pretty slow up hill. Lets get together soon.

Russell said...

How dry was it inside?

I'm surprised you needed your jacket. I've read many reports that velos are comfortable in cold temps with just a t shirt for warmth. Maybe those guys were just pedaling straight uphill. :)

Duncan Watson said...

I left the cover off for the first 1.5 hrs, that got me a bit wet on the chest. I then let it go too long before I put on the foam top and/or a jacket.

It was my fault.