Friday, October 2, 2015


My Friend pre-ride
My bike is my friend. Earlier this year my diabetes was uncontrolled and I had a high A1C. Now my blood tests came back and my A1C is normal at 5.5% indicating that my diabetes is under control. My blood pressure, cholesterol and other indicators are all good as well. This wouldn't have happened if I didn't change my lifestyle from the sedentary slump it has been in for the last 2 years. I improved my diet, I changed my schedule to improve control over diet and medications, and last but not least I started riding my bikes again. I am also working on my core and upper body to get better on the bike.

Yes I did this for my health, but I am not easily motivated by health concerns. I am doing this for the cycling, toward achieving goals on the bike. My focus today is PBP 2019 and completing it in good form and under 80 hours, ideally less than that. My immediate focus is training for a fast century in 2016. That means power intervals, aerobic intervals and endurance riding all focused on the target of a fast century in September 2016. Cycling goals have motivated me before and I did ride the 2009 STP at a good average speed of 16.2mph. I can better that next year on the scale of a century instead of a double century.

Cycling gives me satisfaction in multiple ways.

  • The joy of physical activity.
  • Exploring the world around me, by riding I explore the world.  I am not heads down on a computer.
  • Social exploration.  I make new friends and acquaintances by riding and organizing rides. 
  • Planning.  I enjoy planning activities and making plans a reality.
  • Competition.  I enjoy competition.  I am not very fit at the moment but I will be and I will enjoy testing myself.

All in all I am happy to make these changes and I look forward to my new future.

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