Monday, May 4, 2009

Risk of death per hour for cycling

Raptobike - Morning Commute
Normally when I tell people I commute there is a question about safety while cycling. It is hard to convince people that it is a safe method of travel. So it is nice to see this study from Failure Analysis Associates, Inc. (Design News, 10-4-93) comparing the fatal risk associated with participating in various activities.
Activity Fatalities Per Million Hours
Skydiving 128.71
General Aviation 15.58
On-road Motorcycling 8.80
Scuba Diving 1.98
Living (all causes of death) 1.53
Swimming 1.07
Snowmobiling .88
Automobile Driving .47
Water Skiing .28
Bicycling .26
Flying (domestic airlines) .15
Hunting .08

(h/t EcoVelo)

It is nice to see that cycling is roughly 45% less likely to be fatal than driving a car and 97% less likely than riding a motorcycle.


Grant Andre said...

Thanks for sharing the stats! I agree, it's nice to see that cycling is statistically safer than most folks assume it must be.

I would just comment that this stat seems slightly skewed toward safety for cycling because they did not get numbers specifically for commuters.

I would assume that most recreational cyclists hours are spent on trails like the Burke-Gillman or more "friendly" environs than I do when I'm commuting by bike. My personal risk assessment puts cycling to work right about on par with driving to work.

Cool stats, though.

BTW, I ran across your blog after seeing your Rapto lowracer parked in downtown Kirkland. I did a search for 'RaptoBike' and found the company and your blog. I've currently got a Rans Rocket which I used to commute with frequently and even rode across the country once! I've lately been driving and need to get on the bike to lose a few (or more than a few...) pounds and start enjoying life a bit more again. Both your blog and this cool bike are an inspiration!

Hate to sound like a copy-cat, but I'm thinking I might have to build up a RaptoBike frame on a project similar to yours. I know myself well enough to know that building a new bike will lead to much more riding of that bike! ;-) The RaptoBike design is just stunning. How does it climb compared to your Vivo?

Duncan Watson said...

I am impressed that you did a cross-country trip on your rocket. Very cool. I am trying to lose weight as well.

Regarding climbing, my vivo has the fewest hours of my various recumbents. I climb pretty well with it, I climb best with my Corsa. I am about 8% slower on hills with the Raptobike compared to the Corsa according to my GPS. The Raptobike is heaver than the Corsa by about 5 lbs and the Vivo is about 5 lbs heavier than the Raptobike.

I had Kirkland Bike Shop do the work on building my Raptobike. They have been great, very supportive of the project and they do great work.

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