Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Odd day.

I was planning on a winter bike ride with CBC. It starts at Logboom park so I rode there last night to make sure I knew the distance and time it took. It got dark during the ride so I kicked on all my night lights and noticed that my headlight was low on juice. No big deal, I was only 7 miles from home and I had more than enough power for that distance.

I rode home, worked out a few alternate routes that avoid needless downhills followed by 8% grade climbs. Excellent. I cleaned my chain, filled my water bottles, and checked my tires. All good.

This morning, I get dressed and head on out for the CBC ride. At 5 miles out, 2 miles to Logboom, my shifter cable snaps. Great, now I am a single speed, I turn around and head home. Climbing up the 10-12% grades was interesting but not too bad, I am not sure what gear I left the bike in but it was low enough to climb with a bit of grunting. I get home and decide I want to have the Corsa ready to ride. I take out the floor pump and work on the tires. BAM! A seal goes out on the floor pump. So now I have only half the work done on the Corsa, so I take out my trusty Topeak Road Morph and fill up the tires. Prefect, the road morph is a trooper, no issues, in fact I over filled the rear tire and had to dump a bit of pressure as I don't run 120psi in the winter. I love my road morph, it is the model from 2002/2003 or so and has a pressure gauge, flip over tab for my foot and a hose to prevent bending the stem of my tube off. A nearly perfect device, and one I love.

So now I need a new floor pump and I need to take my Rohloff hub + Raptobike to the shop for new shifter cables + an oil change. Ah well, the sun is still shining, I guess I will go for a pleasure ride on the Corsa.


Russell said...

Reminds me of the day my Lightning flew off my car on the way to meet you. Glad I had the Salsa as a backup.

How was the Corsa?

Duncan Watson said...

I only went down the block. I suddenly noticed that I had the car available. So I packed it up and took the Raptobike to a shop in W Seattle that specializes in IGHs and utility. I then spent money on:
Disk Brake Front,
Drum + Dynamo Rear brake/Hub
New Rear Wheel.
Rohloff Oil change and overhaul.
Crank Bearing change.
Chain clean and lube.

Apparently bike shops are my new book store, enter with care.

Grant Andre said...

I'm relieved for you that you've gone disk up front... I know you've had front wheel issues. By putting the brakes on a disk you avoid the dependency on that front rim surface and the wear-and-tear of having your wheel as a sacrificial material. Did your Rohloff already have the disk brake mount? And the shop had a Rohloff rotor? That's crazy cool! Which brake did you choose?

Duncan Watson said...

Yes. I had a disk brake model of Rohloff and the shop I went to specializes in IGHs. So they had all the tiny parts for Rohloffs. I went for a 6 inch rotor for a Hayes Hydralic disk brake. I will switch to an 8 inch rotor later but 6 is fine for now.

Grant Andre said...

You're the king of picking the right parts! I'm running Avid BB5 mechanical disk calipers on my Rapto and am finding that the mechanical caliper does not retract like the hydraulic calipers (Shimano XT) on my MTB... meaning that I get an annoying "squeak-ring, squeak-ring" sound as the caliper and rotor contact.

I'm thinking I'll upgrade to Shimano Deore hydraulics in the spring. I like the lever feel better than the Hayes (personal preference) and I know the pads will retract to clear the rotors! Enjoy your new brake/s!

Anonymous said...

Duncan, for all the work you've done you can almost qualify as a bike mechanic.
I'm not sure of your milage but some of your maintenance seems "just in case" or you're a strong rider or perhaps riding conditions.
Here in Oz its mostly dry and after 11,000K's I still have the original chain, sprockets and crank brgs. Wheel brs. have been service twice and just replaced the idler brgs. Again, different conditions I suspect.

Duncan Watson said...

Some of the work is just in case. At >3000 miles the Rohloff was due for an oil change. The rear wheel rim was in bad shape, too much braking in gritty weather. It had taken quite a bit of abuse.

The bearings on the crank were fine, but we checked them anyway.

The big issue was changing out the V brakes for disk brake front/drum brake rear. I didn't enjoy changing brake pads every 1000 miles or more frequently.