Monday, January 4, 2010

Rohloff US Service partner

Cycle Monkey
Performance Cycling Services
713 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
Tel: 510 868 1777
(US Service Partner)

I promised someone I would post this information here. Finding the current Rohloff partner has been a bit interesting these past 6 months.


Grant Andre said...

Thanks, Duncan! I had originally placed my order thru Ubrudo in downtown Kirkland. A great specialty shop, but they've had a hard time getting a hold of the Rohloff. I'll contact Cycle Monkey... maybe they can build me a 20" Velocity AreoHeat wheel around a Rohloff and then I can assemble the rest (shifter, cabling, disk brake, etc..) up here. Thanks again!

Grant Andre said...

Just an update: Cycle Monkey is also acting as the US Wholesaler / Importer for Rohloff... meaning that they can sell hubs to other shops that need them. Since I already had my money on deposit at uBRDO, they are going to get the hub wholesale from CycleMonkey and do my wheel build there. Should have real gears on the Rapto77 in just a few weeks!

Grant Andre said...

Okay.. more related news for anyone who might be viewing this section of Duncan's blog:

QBP (Quality Bike Parts), one of the major US parts suppliers for bike shops, now also has a good inventory of Rohloff hubs. If you're thinking of a Rohloff project, your local shop should now be able to get a hub through QBP (they probably already have an account with this wholesaler).

Duncan Watson said...

Good news!