Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bikes and Preferences

Since I got my Mango Sport I have found it hard to commute and ride my other bikes. I will jump on the raptobike for a quick ride and sprint around my neighborhood or to get the mail, but I ride the Mango for most any long rides. The difference is when I want to ride with Kristin or a friend. Then I get on the Raptobike as it is better to keep the same pace as others. The few times I rode with groups on the Mango I really put-putted along.

What is amazing is that for commuting, there is no substitute. The Mango Sport "The Carrot" is so suited for packing a laptop, some tea supplies, my lunch and a change of clothing. To do the same with my Raptobike or Corsa means dealing with one or two panniers. With the Mango I just pack it into my backpack or place it loose inside. I get to work, pop out, grab the satchel and go inside. No worries about water proofing as the mango takes care of that.

I can't wait until Wednesday when I get the Carrot back.


Paul Martin said...

I know exactly what you mean, Duncan.

I have to ride a normal bike if I'm going out with a group as I have to really hold back if I take the Mango. Of course, they can keep up with me up hills but not for long ;)

It is a great cruising machine. I can just keep on going and going and going...

Cheers from a fellow Mangoteer down under!

Duncan Watson said...

I love the Mango. Soon I hope to mount a video camera to it. That should be fun :)