Monday, April 11, 2011

Cyclist run down - possible vehicular serial killer.

So I looked at my RSS feed this morning and found this headline "Encino cyclist killed in Leucadia; local TV speculates an attempted vehicular serial killer could be at work". Wonderful. I follow the linke and find out that there have been two cyclists run down in the same stretch of road both by a Ford pickup and both hit and run. To quote one of the articles:
San Diego County Sheriff's Department investigators are looking into the possibility that the driver did not stop because he wanted to hit the bicyclist.


Then I read the comments. Ugh.

First we have the Blame the victim style where it is just too dangerous to ride:
What was the bicyclist doing riding on the road @ 1:00am? Not excusing the hit and run but common sense tell one that at that time there are DUI's on the road and it is not safe to be riding on the shoulder.


When Americans would have to learn that riding a bike along cars is dangerous! Is like playing Russian roulette!!

Both offensive and inaccurate (riding a bike is safer than driving in terms of deaths/million hours).

But the real cake is the other two idiots (the story is only hours old so only 15 comments so far).
How come these fools in tights dont obey traffic laws, if they did, this probably wouldn't happen

maybe they should "Share the Road" and this stuff wouldn't happen. Take a drive down 101, you'll see what I'm talking about

Capn Crunch:
Let me guess. Was the bicyclist riding just on the painted line of the bike-lane, even though there was about 2.5 feet of bike-lane available? O,r riding side-by-side with another cyclist, instead of single-file? Just to make the cars slow down and go around, instead of co-inhabiting the road? Just asking...

I can't stand hate-mongers like this. It saddens me and my suspicion is that the posters are road ragers who threaten cyclists in real life. It makes my blood boil


phillH48 said...

There are always pillocks that think there way is the only way. Once they catch the killer will they still defend them?
yours Phill at

Duncan Watson said...

I hope not.

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

When will you learn -never read the comments!! Most people don't agree with these idiots who comment on news articles. ;)