Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Politics are depressing nowadays.

STP 2009
I haven't posted much in the political realm recently. Mostly because I am depressed. The lack of any focus on jobs and recovery coupled with the deficit mania is infuriating. I also have a strong interest in environmental causes. I would love to see an investment in green technology and a carbon tax. Yet most of the news on these fronts is quite bad. I know that there was some progress on health care but I don't understand why I should be happy about moderate republican policies from the '70s instead of progressive policies geared to our current challenges.

I also have no confidence in our leaders to fight against the Republican suicide squad in office and in our media. I fear that riots and anarchy will end up coming to the US if we don't make some changes now.


Brad Niemeyer said...


I second your down political mood.

Have you seen this?

I found it interesting, I vote for Truman as our most wise president

Did you get your mango sport back on the road?

Duncan Watson said...

Not yet. I have the part but I haven't spent the time fiddling with the small spaces I need to put the new threaded rods in. Joe K may be coming over to help.