Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sandy Earl's new 12/24hr Record

Sandy Earl 12_24hr Record Attempt 287

Sandy Earl recently attempted and pending ratification by UMCA broke the 12hr and 24hr cycling records in the female recumbent class. She broke the UMCA upright record as well but I believe it is spared by the category. I was an official and took a number of pictures of the event. Sandy is an amazing rider who has the endurance and determination to put the rest of us to shame. She is also very nice and a joy to work with.

The Officials were lead by David Bradley
Sandy Earl 12_24hr Record Attempt 318
As you can see he is a towering figure who made sure we did everything right. I had a great time and was honored to witness such an incredible achievement.

Sandy put together this great video of the event

I would love to work with any of the crew and Sandy again, I had a great time.

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