Friday, January 22, 2010

Catrike Musashi Lowracer

Catrike Musashi

Catrike has released teaser video of their new lowracer. At the moment we just have what can be observed in the video. SRAM Rival components, Carbon Fork, Front Wheel is 451, rear is 700c. Spacing on the fork is very tight so basically this will be running with Schwlabe Durano 28mm 451. The Rear tire will have the typical large selection common to 700c wheels.

I love the rear end geometry. The stiff seat, the solid back end both look like they will contribute to excellent power transfer and provide a great way to mount bags and accessories. In fact I suspect a tailbox would be great on the Musashi.

Congrats to Catrike, a wonderful design.
h/t - BROL blog broke this story, thanks Bryan


Duncan Watson said...

I heard from the rumor mill “they are still finalizing specs and build, but the bike should be under $2400 and about 26 pounds.”

eric said...

check this site out for technical specs. This is a Catrike Gold Dealer just outside of Atlanta.