Saturday, January 9, 2010

SIR Winter training ride #1 in 2010

SIR Winter Training ride.
I rode with SIR and CBC today. We did the first of the Winter Training Series, it was a great ride and I am happy with my performance given my current winter weight. It was a lot of fun and Russel came out from Seattle to ride it with me. I also ran into Bill Gobie, and made a few new friends.

I think I want to get a cue-sheet holder that I can drape around my neck. Digging in my pocket was annoying. The Garmin Edge on the other hand performed flawlessly and kept me on route even when I made mistakes. I am happy with the way it follows courses. All in all a great start to the season.


Russell said...

Nice graphic. I'm still struggling more than a bit with my software, so nothing cool to post yet.

Good ride overall. I felt better than expected in most ways, and my GPS definitely helped.

Duncan Watson said...

I was pretty impressed how helpful the little breadcrumb trail my gps gave me. It was surprisingly useful without being overwhelming.

Sorry to hear about the SW on your GPS, that is a bit of a downer.

Anonymous said...

I use the Garmin 705 too. Not as a serious training tool but more of an information and comparison tool.
With a metric readout as I have its more impressive to see your altitude gains but metric speed and distance looks better against miles.
Is your altimeter accurate. Some days mine says I'm -60 metres below sea level at the beach and other days its spot on???? Also my start and finish points, at the same location, are never the same??? Garmin says its within spec. Phoey!
The rest is perfect though.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing your average heart rate to be about 140 ish given the calorie burn.

Duncan Watson said...

The altimeter in the Garmin 305 and 705 have a disadvantage of not having temperature sensors. Temperature makes a big difference with barometric readings. Both the 305 and 705 try to use the GPS to auto-calibrate but I have seen odd readings. Once I was descending at >40mph and the GPS was reading it as a 10% uphill.

Overtime the garmin tends to be accurate but it has odd moments. It is useful for comparison purposes though it might not be absolutely accurate.

FYI - the new garmin edge 500 has a temperature sensor. It should be better.