Sunday, July 19, 2009

STP 2009 Collage

STP 2009 Collage, originally uploaded by Watson House.

Here is a nice link to all of my STP photos. The Seattle to Portland ride was great, I had a lot of fun and learned that I can and will push through adversity when I am properly motivated.

210 miles over two days was a big accomplishment for me.


Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

Looks Great Dunc!

Duncan Watson said...

Thank you. It is amazing how easy it is to be creative with a decent digital camera and free software.

Ross said...

Enjoyed your retrospective. This was my first STP. Did it on a Hase Kettweisel trike which was comfortable but a little slow. How do you find climbing on the raptobike? Any front wheel slippage? I need a faster bike for next year. I saw your post on Rob English and am thinking of contacting him about a street Hachi.

Duncan Watson said...

I had no front wheel slippage. I also did puyallup hill without my lowest 4 gears, so I was grinding it up. High torque yet no slippage.

With 2000 miles on the raptobike I have yet to experience front wheel slippage on normal roads. I did get some slippage once on a gravel road uphill. I ride in the rain, and up hills every day on my commute.

Talk to Rob about a street hachi, he will be happy to work with you. He is a great guy.

Regarding climbing, I find the raptobike is a little harder to climb with than my Corsa but it is heavier and more reclined. OTOH the power transfer is amazing and I can climb most any hill with 25gear inches.

Good Luck Ross. I wish I had seen you, the Ketweisel is a great trike!