Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Random thoughts, planning for 2016 and goals.

I recently got a new bike. A Cruzbike Vendetta, here she is being built up

Here is a picture of her built up by her former owner (picture removed and replaced with one of mine)
Vendetta - The "Vixen"

I have type 2 diabetes. I am changing my diet and using my cycling habit to get back into shape. My goal is 170 lbs. I currently weigh about 220lbs. Here is a nicely unflattering picture of myself at max weight of 230 or so

So I have had to reprioritize and reasses. My thoughts are:

  1. I need to lose weight and get fitter
  2. I like to ride and I was at my fittest when training for the STP in 2009.
  3. I have lost weight before when training and riding.
  4. I do well when I have a long term goal in mind.
  5. I like long distance riding.
So this has me contemplating PBP 2019.  Paris Brest Paris is a 1200 km brevet.  It is an older ride than the Tour de France and has a great history.  I will be 50 in 2019.  On the face of it this is a good long term goal and I can work toward it starting now.

So with that in mind what are my short term goals.  They can be broken down into parts.
  • Cycle Commuting.  I wish to ride 3 times a week to/from work.  I will work up to 5 days a week.
  • Working out.  I will supplement my cycling with in-home workouts.  I will start with push-ups as they are good for upper body and core strength and won't interfere with cycling days.
  • Diet.  My goal is 170lbs.  I have already made changes for diabetes but I need to get my weight down to be faster and a better climber.  
My 2016 plans at this point include a few cycling events:
  • SIR Winter Training Series 2016 [cost $0] - This traditionally starts with 60km rides in early January and builds to 160km by end of February.  Climbing on each route is at least 2500 ft.  I will need to be working all Fall/Winter to be up for this.
  • Chilly Hilly 2016 [cost $28] - 40 miles, 2200ft of climbing in February.  A good incentive to keep fit all winter long.
  • Midweek Evening Eastside Training Series  - Cascade training series link
  • SIR Spring Brevets [cost $15] - SIR runs a 100k populaire in March.
  • SIR Spring Brevets  [cost $15] - SIR runs a 200k Brevet in March.
  • SIR Spring Brevet  [cost $15] - SIR runs a 300k Brevet in March/April
  • Cascade STP  [cost $150] - The Seattle to Portland event runs in June.  
  • RSVP [cost $150] - ride from Seattle to Vancouver and Party, which runs in August.
The rough cost for these events should be about ~$400 for the year plus transportation and food.  
Various other 200k permanents or brevets are also possible but I don't want to overbook.  I want to keep my stress level down and build up strength in 2016.  With this in mind I don't want to do any rides longer than 210 miles or so.  I also will work on strength training and hill climbing.  The Vendetta is my hill climbing secret weapon.  It is the lightest bike I have owned and has the best drivetrain and components.  I will endeavour to keep it light and to make myself lighter as the months pass.

If I get fit enough I may start various bike shop rides for training as well.