Monday, September 14, 2015

Stressed and waiting

I am stressed on waiting for my bike. 2 weeks is forever and I keep stressing that something will get broken while it sits in the shop. Replacing the seat or something like that isn't cheap and would piss me off as well as wasting yet more weeks. Kristin and I have been riding locally which prevents me from having to transport bikes. I am doing well with my glucose levels and losing weight steadily but I need to train. I need my bike back.

I can't wait until my lease is up so I can get a pickup. Being able to transport the bikes easily and without danger will be a joy. /sigh.


trplay said...

Why is it in the shop for two weeks? Seems a bit long to me.

Duncan Watson said...

It is because of other work. It seems forever to me but I didn't have my car set up to take it farther away so I left it. I am calling to check on it tomorrow and making sure it is fine. I get the bike back on the 18th.

I just wanted the cables setup.