Thursday, September 17, 2015

My "Vixen" is home

So I got my bike back from the LBS. There was some confusion regarding the chain and some adjustments that I had to get them to revert since they changed the boom and handlebar position which affects the fit for my x-seam. But once we ironed that out I got the "Vixen" back home. They only charged me labor even though I know they must have used some new cables and housing so I can't complain. One of the guys tried to ride the Vendetta but that ended quickly as he had no experience and I didn't want him to get hurt or my bike.

My wife christened the Vendetta "Vixen" with a bit of alliteration and a hint of jealousy. She is awesome and the name is good. I got on the bike and did some rolldowns and tried to follow the script by ratz and Cruzbike on learning to ride a Cruzbike. (source). Soon enough I was doing 2 block out and backs turning around in the road and pedalling uphill, coasting downhill. I did this in loafers and after about 40 minutes I had to go inside and switch to cycling shoes. I changed clothes entirely and went back out in cycling kit. The loafers have no support and I needed a firm sole. I started clipping in and riding and it went well. So I did another 20 minutes with the garmin attached. Here are the results of that learning from strava:

After that I rested a bit and Kristin came home. She wanted to go on a ride so we did another 3 miles with more hills.

By the way, the Garmin 520 came with Strava Premium and I am enjoying it immensely. The nice embedding for blogs and social integration is fun and useful.
I will continue to ride my "Vixen" each evening until Sunday when I have a little meetup planned on the Centennial trail. I feel mostly ready for bike trails today so I should be ready for the trail. If I can do 2 miles of hills I can commute, and that is the near term goal.

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