Thursday, January 22, 2009

Commuting Continues

From Corsa Commuter

I am still commuting though my bike is lonely at work. The East Side of Seattle and Kirkland in particular still has a ton of gravel on the roads. The temperatures during my commute range from the upper twenty degrees F to the lower thirties. Today it was 30F on my ride in. There is some pretty dense fog which tends to stay around all day. Even with the highly impaired visibility I was passed by 6 cars in a row on 124th that didn't have any lights on. I am strongly considering getting a video camera with a bike mount. I am tired of drivers being so unsafe.

I suppose given the conditions I understand why my bike is the only one in the rack at work. The gravel situation on the East Side is pretty poor. Yet another reason to have a camera to document the conditions. But with all of that said, I feel great riding. I have already noticed my weight loss has resumed now that my cycling as returned.

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