Monday, January 19, 2009

Lowracer urge still present.

Anodised RaptoBike
I am still thinking of getting a lowracer. The raptobike pictured above is one that I am strongly considering. Who knows when I will do it but the desire to get one is still there. I want one with a Rohloff hub as well, it is one way to get the range I want.

I need to get more cycling miles in my week and out of my snow induced rut. I will ride tomorrow after switching all the gear over to my Corsa. So tonight will be a bit of maintenance. Kristin is out of town for the bulk of the week so I need to take care of myself. I am also planning to get some weekend rides in with Cascade Bicycling Club. I need to practice group riding as well as solo pedaling.


Russell said...

So did you ride? :)

Duncan Watson said...

I did ride today. Even with the complete fog cover all day. I rode my Corsa, which tends to be better training for me than the trike. I go faster and keep my HR up on the Hi-racer and slack off on the trike.