Friday, September 18, 2015

Vendetta Build in Progress

I am still making progress on my Vendetta build the "Vixen". I wrapped the bar with yellow bar tape last night during the rain. The job wasn't perfect but I like it. I like the look. The next issue is the fit and seat. The stock seat doesn't work for me. I need to be a wee bit farther forward to reach the pedals properly without cutting the boom. In addition it is about 6 inches too short to hit my shoulders. So there is a solution

Volae Hardshell Carbon Fiber Seat Size L

I am going to follow Rick Youngblood's directions and mount this to my Vixen. This will achieve the following goals for me

  1. Provide a seat I can ride on for hours without back pain.
  2. By mounting it slightly forward of my current seat I will get 10mm or so closer to the pedals. Just the distance I need for comfort and fit.
  3. This will solve the rear bag issue. I can easily mount a Bent-Up Aerobag to the upper part of the new seat.(note: link may break due to Bent-Up cycles redesigning their web commerce site, search by name in that case)

You can see how it will look on a Vendetta at Rick Youngblood's page I ordered the yellow version of course. I am also going to follow Rick's lead by mounting my mirrors to the hoods of my brifters
I am also going to install these iSSi pedals on my Vixen. They are nice light and supportive pedals that use SPD enclosures

iSSI trail pedals

What this means is that I have a bead on solving a number of issues.

  1. Crank/Position and Bike Fit (seat)
  2. Comfort (seat)
  3. Storage for Brevets/Commute (seat, aerobag)
  4. Hydration via water bottles in aerobag (seat, aerobag)
  5. Rear Light and reflectors (Adem Headrest, Princeton Tec Swerve Taillight)
  6. Be Seen red lights
  7. Headlight
  8. Mirrors (Zefal Spyx2)
  9. Bike Computer (Garmin 520)
That is quite the list. I will be ready for anything from a social neighborhood ride to a commute to a 200k brevet.


Eric Winn said...
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Eric Winn said...

Hmmm, doesn't seem to be a way to edit a committed comment so I deleted it. Here is what I said:

Duncan, just trim the slider a bit. John left a lot of room to do some trimming that will still leave it more than capable of supporting a much taller rider should that be a concern further down the road.

If anything, the slider is too long for this version because it is way too easy to insert it too far into the boom and get the tip of the slider stuck in the curved part of the boom. Which is I think the primary reason the method was flipped around for the Silvio booms and the newer V20 model Vendettas.

However, I then paid more attention to your photos in this post and the prior post and noticed the slider is fully inserted into the boom all the way down to the bevel where it flares out wider for the pivot cage. You literally cannot insert the slider that far into the boom without it getting stuck. I trimmed 100mm off my slider and I can guarantee that it will get extremely firmly stuck if I tried to insert it into the boom up to the bevel.

This means someone has already trimmed the slider - and by quite a lot. I would guess by at least 200mm, perhaps more.

I think you and I are about the same height with similar body morphology which makes me wonder if you have the large size triangle configuration instead of the medium. The only real difference is the length of the chainstay as far as I know. If so you should check with Jim, Maria, or Robert and see if you can swap for a medium chainstay as that will fit you better.

Duncan Watson said...

I checked with Robert on availability of a small chainstay. But I do have the medium as I verified the measurements you provided. I agree with you on the likelyhood of the boom being trimmed.

All in all, I am doing well and just a few mm away from perfection. Cleat position, pedals, shoes and seat position can all effect changes large enough to achieve perfection. The seat change will make my back happy and that will make me very happy. I absolutely love the bike and am stunned at the differences so far. The Vixen climbs like a gibbon. Nothing is free and I find that I am going to have to develop my core and muscles in locations that I previously couldn't recruit but the results are amazing even at this point.