Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anticipating Raptobike today

Raptobike being assembled
I am anticipating picking up the Raptobike today. I visited the shop yesterday and Josh was wiring up the brakes and Rohloff hub. I can't say enough good things about the Kirkland Bike Shop, they have consulted me and advised me every step of the way. We talked about the cabling runs, about the headrest and the chain yesterday. They want to be sure to avoid compromising the strength of the carbon seat and so the headrest mounts will be lower in the seat. This works perfectly for both mounting a blinky on the headrest rails and for making sure my radical lowracer bags will fit on the Raptobike.

The constant attention to detail and making sure each concern is addressed before doing anything irreversible is excellent. I would recommend the Kirkland Bike shop to any cyclist for any reason. They do excellent work and are very willing to order components and tools that have limited application. The owner asked me to bring my bike over to his Seattle store as well, he wants to show it off to the staff there. If you are a recumbent owner in Seattle or Kirkland take a look at Montlake Bike shop or Kirkland Bike shop, you will find a very helpful staff to address any issues you might have.

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