Friday, April 3, 2009

Raptobike build will be ridable tomorrow!

RaptoBike Low Tourer!The raptobike will be done tomorrow. There are a few details that are waiting the 13t Rohloff cog, the seat pad, but those are items that can wait. They should arrive shortly in any case. My only loss is the high end gearing until the 13t cog is here. That is doable.

So Matt @ Kirkland Bike shop will be all set tomorrow. I am extremely happy, this means I should be able to start riding Veloci right away. I will be taking more pictures tomorrow after my morning ride. I am glad that I have a 50 miler scheduled with my STP-bound co-workers since that will keep me distracted until later in the day. Plus it is always good to go to the bike shop after riding rather than before. You don't feel like such a poser.

(disclaimer - that bike is not mine but it does have a Rohloff hub and a SON hub in it.)

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