Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is here

Spring is sprung. Today and Yesterday's weather is (and was) glorious. The sky is clear, the Sun shines down and I can wear short sleeves and leave the jacket home. Just a few days ago I was unpacking the Raptobike wearing a winter jacket.
Raptobike Frame Kit Arrives
On Saturday the group ride with Digeo, I went without my jacket. Quite risky in the PNW ;).
Digeo STP training Ride
On Sunday I rode in short sleeves and shorts, and today I left my house at 8am without a jacket and wearing a short sleeve riding jersey. Everything smells nice and there is so much activity as I ride past homes. Everyone is planting, trimming or cleaning up their yard. I saw 4 landscaping teams on my short 3 mile commute. Spring is finally here, and I am celebrating!

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