Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Raptobike the Commuter

Raptobike in Spring
My Raptobike has become quite the commuter with over 70 miles of commuting on it now. I have gotten the seat and headrest adjusted just right so it is very comfortable. I also love the way I can accelerate on her. I hit 20 mph from a standing stop in under 1/2 a block on my way home. There is a section that I want to take the lane in which is flat but has traffic calming devices (pseudo traffic circles). Since if I am next to a car when I hit the "traffic circles" the car will kill me, I take the lane for 2 blocks. The speed limit is 25 so I ramp up the bike to 20ish and hold the lane until I make my left turn.

What I love about the Raptobike is how easy it is to do this. The acceleration off the block is fast, the shifting is seem less and she just jumps when I want to go zoom. I don't find getting to 20mph even hard, it just happens now. I love this as 20mph on my bike used to be a difficult thing. The lost weight and increased fitness has really paid off.

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