Friday, April 3, 2009

Raptobike update

Raptobike Frame Kit Arrives Arnold from Raptobike emailed me and we talked about instructions for mounting the seat on the frame. He was very clear and I visited Kirkland Bike Shop and went over the instructions and the build with them. As always visiting the shop was a pleasure, Matt, Josh and Aaron were all eager to help and talk about the bike. Matt is starting the build today and while I was there we put the boom in place as well as the front fork and tiller/stem. The rear brakes have been mounted and the front wheel is in place. Today they should have the rear wheel on there and the build will proceed quickly from there.

There are a few small pieces still waiting, the 13t cog is still not here, and the shop doesn't have a presta 20" tube for the front wheel. All of this should be resolved soon I hope, but the tube will be in the shop by Friday April 10th. I will dig in my garage for one in any case. I ordered a seat pad for the Raptobike too and it should be here Tuesday. Bent up Cycles was happy to provide the Ventisit Seat Pad.

I will probably stop by and visit the shop today as I can't keep away. I am way too eager.

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