Monday, April 20, 2009

First thoughts about the new seat

Wenatchee Ride
My Raptobike lowracer now has a VK2 Large seat on it. The new seat is lighter, narrower and doesn't have the upcurve at the bottom of the seat that goes around the frame. To keep my position far enough forward Matt at Kirkland Bike Shop did a bit of carbon surgery to cut a ellipse out of the seat so it fits around the frame and is far enough forward for me to maintain my boom length. As always I am very happy with Kirkland Bike Shop, they are very willing to work on my bike and help me customize the fit and parts to work for me.

I took the Raptobike w/VK2 seat out for a ride on Sunday in Wenatchee. I used the Zotefoam pad instead of the Ventisit pad I have. I really enjoyed the zotefoam pad and the seat is bigger. I do need to get my headrest back into play. I do get a bit of droopy neck without the headrest and my position is more reclined than it was before.

Overall I think if I had a Raptobike seat sized for me I would prefer it to the VK2 large seat, but the VK2 seat was good. I will now work on getting my headrest in place. I need to get some tiny rubber o-rings to go around the bolts so the headrest doesn't slide around.

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