Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Goals

So the fateful January first is approaching. It is time to consider New Years resolutions and goals. Now normally I am not one for resolutions but this is a big year. I turn 40 on April 3rd and have been considering how I want to live the rest of my life. In September of this year I was 240 pounds and playing way too many computer games, I was on track to die early of heart problems. My blood pressure was high, yada, yada, yada. Since September 24th I have been commuting to work by bike and changed my eating habits. I also stopped playing all computer games and MMOs. Now I am 220 pounds, much lower blood pressure and my resting heart rate is down as well. My doctor is happy as well.

Given my improved state I want to think about what my goals for 2009 are. I worked on a list earlier in the year but I think I need to reassess and think about what I can and cannot do.
  1. First thing is to get down to 180 pounds in 2009. My eventual goal is 160 but 180 is doable for 2009 and will be 80 pounds down from my peak. Diet and exercise are the name of the game here but with the focus on exercise.
  2. I want to do the STP (Seattle-to-Portland) ride in 2009. I have lived in this area for 9 years and still have yet to do this amazing ride. 2009 is the year I will do it. I will do the 2 day version since I am riding with co-workers this year.
  3. Randonneuring, I want to do my first Brevet. I have joined RUSA and will join SIR in January. The season starts in March so I will do my first 100k populaire on March 8th. The first 200k is March 21st. I will see what the season brings before commiting to more than 200k
  4. Hill Climbing. I need to work on climbing with my bike. I want to climb my first mountain pass in 2009. Maybe I will do more but at least I want to climb my first mountain pass.
  5. Crafting and Handywork. I am already a much better bike mechanic than I was in September, but I want to do more and learn more. I want to make my own tailbox for my recumbents, basically a trunk box for my bikes. This will also help aerodynamics as well as being a great project. I have been turning the garage into a work space for this kind of project. It is a ton of fun and useful, plus highly customized and personal bikes are not good targets for a thief, too easy to identify and highly visible.
  6. Travelling. I want to go to the HPV event in Portland in May, to the Recumbent gathering at the mouth of the Columbia in August and to a couple of other events/rides. Sitting at home is not good for the soul, I need to travel.
  7. Raptobike. I want a raptobike, so I need to sell off my climbing gear, my trike and my vivo to get one. The raptobike lowracer will be a great project to work on as well. A rolhoff hub and other toys will make this a rock solid bike that should be amazingly fun to ride.

Basically I want to do more cycling and get into shape as well as be more able to solve my own mechanical issues. I also want a new toy, but what do you expect from a man turning 40. A lowracer is a much nicer version of a mid-life crisis than a sports-car.


Marc van Waardenburg said...

I'd certainly recommend a RaptoBike. I ride on one since a couple of weeks now, and fun it is, each time! Even these days when it's freezing in Holland ;-)

Duncan Watson said...

I am glad to hear you are enjoying your Raptobike. I do want to get one, the FWD design is very eye catching.
Thank you, Duncan