Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dialed in

It has been 231 miles give or take on the Corsa and I feel like I have the bike dialed in both for fit and handling. Fit wise I feel very good, and today during the ride home I was very confident navigating stop and go traffic as well as tight turns. I was day dreaming a bit, thinking about making the Vivo a test project for a fairing, and just naturally turned left through a traffic circle with traffic coming on three sides. It was a nice tight turn and easy confident movement, I then had to wait for an oncoming car just after I descended the hill and was going to turn left into my complex. These were nerve racking moments before that I would have tried to avoid by preemptive braking or otherwise scheduling my arrival at this decision point to avoid conflict. Now it just feels natural.

This is a big deal for me as I was a bit nervous before, twitchy you might say. Now that confidence I feel on an upright bike is also there for my Corsa. Kiley and I are good friends now at 231 miles. This is good since I will now do group rides and training rides with both SIR and Cascade Cycling.

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