Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowpacolypse 2008

The snow this week has paralyzed Kirkland and Seattle. They aren't plowing the roads as they have almost no plows. Even those they do plow they don't put the blade all the way down so it skims over the packed snow/ice. No rock salt here, they use sand instead. This means the roads are horrible, even today 3 days after the last snowfall it is icy and cars are stuck on hills everywhere. It is snowing now and there is snow forecast for the next 5 days with some frozen rain mixed in for tomorrow.

The drivers are terrible, I see people spinning out, trucks weaving in and out of other drivers being more careful and skidding while doing it. It is nasty. My hatred of turning right on red is in full force. Tons of near accidents caused by people trying to turn right on red while cars skid toward them on ice. As a cyclist I already hate "right turn on red", but this week gives me even more reason to hate it. Hopefully we can avoid driving until this mess is over.

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