Monday, December 1, 2008

Excellent comparison testing of bike Lights

Our UK brethren did some excellent testing of many battery and dynamo lights. Superbright LEDs have really matured and do very well in this testing. Here is the link .

The light measurements are very interesting with a nice bar graph. But what really got me was the outside path and brightness tests. I stole the image in case their storage of this goes away at some point. Click the image for a full size version.

(Note: this is a UK test, they drive on the left, the left side of the path is what is illuminated, don't look right and see the darker areas and judge)

The Edulux does very well and if I ever upgrade to that light I will be happy but I really wanted to compare the Dinotte 200L and the IQ Fly. A lot of cyclists swear by the 200L and I have an IQ Fly on order. I was particularly pleased by this comparison since the IQ Fly looks very good between those too. I think my IQ Fly + cateye helmet light will be perfect for my needs.

Did your lights show up in this test? How did they do?

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