Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Streamliner followup

So I was thinking about a homebuilt streamliner in a previous post. Considering the idea led me to ask "What bike would be a good platform to use for a streamliner?". Of course this leads to the question of what do I want to do with a streamliner? At this point I think my goals for a streamliner are simple.
  1. Get familiar with the process of making a fairing and mooring it to a bike.
  2. The streamliner resulting from this should be practical, useful for commuting and foul weather riding.
  3. The streamliner must have some cargo capacity built in.
  4. It should have internal mounting for front and rear lights.
  5. It should be highly visible.
  6. It should protect me against the elements
  7. It should have moderate aerodynamic improvements from the unfaired bike.
  8. Front and Rear suspension are desirable as well.
Looking at my stable the Vivo is a great platform for a commuter streamliner. It has an upright position, its steering should fit into a basic fairing, it has suspension and it isn't unreasonably high.

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