Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Commute home

The commute home was nice. Seattle area weather did the usual thing and defied the predictions. It was predicted rain in the morning and dry evening, instead it was dry in the morning and rained in the evening. The Conti GP4000 tires did very well on the ride home. The contrast is great compared to my Bontrager Hardcase tires. Though these tires may not last as long as the Hardcase they handle so much better. Good grip, nice cornering and a softer more steady ride. I feel much safer with the Conti GP4000, at this point I consider them a great buy. Now to see how long they last.

My front headlight is a bit disappointing at the moment. It feels dim compared to my trikes halogen setup with a water bottle battery. I am still waiting on my dynamo light from Dale. It is a shipping delay, not his fault but I am eager to get the better light on my bike. The one arm bandit mount pictured here should allow me to mount both my IQ Fly and my current light. That will give me a backup light and I can run both for more coverage.

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