Monday, March 23, 2009


I finally got past my plateau and dropped 5 pounds this last week. I think the changes in my diet coupled with riding 100 miles last week pushed me past this boundary. Additionally I am feeling faster and more capable on the bike. Saturday's ride showed me that I can do decent road miles and not fear hills. This is a good thing, I have a history of fearing hills that limits my training. I need to get over it and ride hilly routes more often. The more I do them the easier they are. In fact none of the hills on Saturday made me cry, I was able to spin my way up them all, and in some cases I sprinted to hit them hard and rolled over the little ones.

I am working on my diet more this week since I want to keep my mileage roughly the same during the work week. The weekend will most likely be used as two 30 mile routes, one each day. I want to start riding distances on both Saturday and Sunday to get ready for the STP. Not every weekend but I think this weekend will be a good start for it.


Russell said...

You sure about that, I was considering the lake loop again on Saturday. :)

Duncan Watson said...

I think I can do that.