Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Commute on Corsa and thoughts (Map)

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Today I rode in using my longer training route that goes up Juanita Drive. This route is 23 miles and I was using it last year. After the winter break I built up the difficulty of this route in my head. Other times I have used this I had difficulties with foot pain, after I adjusted my seat I find that I have zero foot pain, just gradual numbness after 30 or so miles. That is easily handled by moving my toes a bit and brief breaks when it gets too much. Today's morning ride was great, my moving average was up, my cadence was up, my time on bike was improved. I had no issues with the hills and didn't stay in my lowest gear the entire climb either. It was nice to have more lower gears in reserve.

I believe the seat and positioning changes have helped, as well as the fact that I had a decent breakfast before heading out. I had a nutragrain bar, a bottle of vitamin water and a banana for breakfast and I think it made a huge difference. I had no energy concerns at all, at 18 miles into the ride I was at the bottom of Old Redmond Way and felt great, the climb ahead of me was of no concern and I was on schedule.

My odometer on the Corsa rolled over to 500 miles on this ride as well which is a good time to feel that the bike is dialed in. All in all a good ride and very pleasant.

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