Sunday, March 22, 2009

Training Thoughts

I feel like I finally have the Corsa dialed in. I rode 54 miles yesterday and 100 miles for the week. I had no problems with pain or numbness the whole week. The only issue I had was some muscle tightness and that is all an issue of stretching and fitness not fit. No joint agony, no tendons pain, no foot cramps, this is good news. I can now focus on my pedal stroke, on distance and on speed.

Russell said that I seem stronger than 2 weeks ago after our trip around Lake Washington yesterday. I know that I felt stronger, I have been taking most hills in gears above my granny gear and am slowly increasing my climbing speed. Climbing is a recumbents weak spot as well as my own. Like most weak spots, improvements in it come fast for comparatively little investments. I feel that if I get my climbing ability to the point that I don't fear 10,000 ft climbs on a 125 mile route than the entire US will open up to me. So by working on climbs I can expand the territory that I ride in quite a bit. Considering how amazing the views around Lake Washington are, I have been limiting my enjoyment by repeating the same rides over and over. I want to explore more. Russell did me a huge favor by suggesting the Lake Washington loop.

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