Sunday, March 29, 2009

90 Mile Weekend

Lake Washington Loop ride photos I rode 90 miles this weekend. This is a new milestone for me as I rode both Saturday and Sunday. I am feeling good about the rides and my condition afterword. Neither Saturday or Sunday wiped me out.

Saturday I rode 50 miles with Russell. We did the Lake Washington Loop; it was 40 degrees F and raining the entire time. Even with the crappy weather and trying to stay warm in it, the ride was great. I was on the bike four hours and 12 minutes or so, which isn't bad at all. Russell is a pleasure to ride with and we had fun. Sunday I had plans to meet some co-workers at Marymoor to ride the West Sammamish River trail. The weather was perfect, 50 degrees (F) and sunny. David joined me though our other co-worker canceled. Still the ride was excellent, we did 38 miles in under three hours.

Both days were nice, I always indulge in the sights and people watch while riding. The scenery is great in both cases and we passed more people than passed us. Especially on Sunday, because on Saturday we didn't see many people to pass or be passed by. In both cases I was happy, riding makes me smile and I love to do it. Seeing all the diversity of Seattle and enjoying the sights and smells of Lake Washington is very enjoyable. I am very glad that I let cycling take such a large part of my life again, because it has made me happier. When I was playing computer games to pass the time, I was not happy. The contrast is huge, and I am glad to be healthier and happier now.

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