Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday Ride

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Russell from On A Clear Day and I went for a nice ride in Seattle's emerging spring weather. It was a good example of how plans are the first casualty of action, but it was also great fun. The map above has our route and I did take some pictures but neglected to post them yet.

The ride was very interesting for me. I almost never ride in Seattle, so it was all new to me and I got to explore. I enjoyed the decent cycle facilities that Seattle has, not up to Portland or Copenhagen standards but much better than Kirkland has. The views were nice and the drivers polite. The ride was about 25 miles with some stopping and decision making. The amount of climbing we did was approximately 1/2 of an STP, roughly 2000 ft.

Russell and I are planning a new training ride soon. Maybe we will ride over in West Seattle and go to Alki.


Russell said...

I like that map. Sort of looks like a kid's drawing of a cat, if you turn your head just right.

Duncan Watson said...

It does look like a cat. Quite amusing actually.