Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Corsa seat adjustment

Corsa Seat Back
I keep going back and forth on my seat adjustment. Today I reclined the seat more and pushed it forward. I need to push it forward to keep my distance to the cranks the same. Though I actually need to decrease it as I think my legs are too extended. One side effect of this is that the seat goes farther forward on the monotube and as a consequence gets higher off the ground. It also means my knees are closer to the handlebars. This gets to be a series of trade-offs but I do want to recline the seat more as during the Chilly Hilly and my ride with Russell, my not so dainty derriere completely compressed the foam near the edge of the seat. This resulted in some discomfort and I reason that having the seat farther forward and my position more reclined will move the point of contact farther back on the seat and spread the weight more evenly.

Tomorrow and this next week will be the test of this hypothesis.

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