Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cold Commute and Raptobike stuff

68/365: Winter Commute
It was cold today on the way in to work. The temperature gauge read 23 degrees F during my ride in. I had to switch to my winter commuting setup, I added the solstice fleece layer and a base layer. Overall it worked well and my little commute was comfortable though there was some ice on the bridge I cross.

The work day has been going well and the weather turned sunny. It is now 46 degrees F and very nice. My commute home will be a very different ride then the one to work. I also received some very welcome news, my Raptobike will ship out on Friday, March 13th. Incidentally that happens to be my Mother's birthday, she would have been 67 this year. I think that is very appropriate, the bike feels like a gift from my Mother for my 40th birthday this way as it is shipping on her birthday.

Enough of these maudlin thoughts, it is a good day and I am happy. Even though Haddayr has been revealed to be much tougher than I, she likes riding in 0 degree F weather and I was cringing from the thought of 23 degree weather.

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