Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seat positioning on my recumbent

Corsa Seat Back
I adjusted my seat last night as noted in my blog here. As always this becomes a bit finicky. I changed the recline by adjusting the length of the seat stays pictured above. Then I had to push the seat forward so I could still reach the pedals. This also raised the seat and increased the incline. After my commute today I realized I had the seat too far forward so I moved it back just a bit, which also lowers the seat and reduces the incline. Every change adjusts three parameters, I can't adjust one at a time. It gets tricky.

But my impression so far is good, I love the comfort of the new incline. I just need to dial in the pedal distance. I can see why some designers prefer a sliding boom to adjusting the seat back and forth. I know there are trade-offs there as well but both sliding seat mounts and sliding booms have issues. I will adjust my seat for the ride home and see how that works out.

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