Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cycle videos

I am not happy today with the political news. Not going to post today regarding it, it would just be a rant and get me an unpleasant interview with LE. So instead I want to post a number of my favorite cycling and recumbent videos. There are some really amazing ones out there. I posted one yesterday so I won't repost it.

This one is also by H@rry in the Netherlands. The text inserts are all in English though. He is riding his M5 carbon hi-racer and has a camera mounted facing rearward. It really gives quite the view of his commute. Great fun, excellent video.

This one is from H@rry in the Netherlands again. This time he is commuting on his Quest velomobile. You can see the difference between the commutes and how he corners and handles traffic on each.

This one is also from H@rry. He is delivering some parts to Germany using the Quest velomobile. This is the first video I saw from H@rry and it stuck in my mind. His videos are great and highly informative. The delivery trip is 110km one way about 70 miles. IT is an inspiring video for many reasons.

This one is just fun. Great narration, lots of interaction. I particularly like the dog and the velos.

More race videos from H@rry, here he is going 50km/h on an M5 hi-racer. This is the chainstay camera view. Excellent video though in Dutch, which limits my understanding. The music is great. Correction, H@rry just changed the text inserts to English in this video.

NMERider's Vk2 video. This is a fun video, with a bit of wind noise but it is pretty cool.

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