Friday, February 20, 2009

Training, Motivation and Energy

Lately I have been pretty introspective, trying to resolve my motivation issues and working out a way to get healthy and fit. I am still trying to find my way forward but today I feel better, I have more energy and it is a good day. I appreciate days like this, I feel like they are signposts along my path and that I am moving forward.

Regarding training, I know I need more than just cycling to get fit. I believe yoga is the right choice for me in that regard but I have yet to explore that option. I picked out a couple of studios and will look into classes and sessions at each so I can get started. I am trying to get Kristin to join me but I need to find a solution soon. I have doing a few upper body free weight exercises in the meantime but with no structure and planning that will drop off soon.

Currently I feel that I am sitting at the end of a plateau, I just need the right catalyst to see major improvements soon. I really want this respiratory condition to go away, I feel that I can deal with it better if I was 40lbs lighter. I think my diet changes and attempts to modify my habits will soon pay off in that regard.


Martin Walker said...

Hi Duncan.

You should definitely take up Yoga. You'll feel an immediate improvement. I do a lot of aerobic exercise and Yoga is a great compliment. It also helps give more energy and a more positive outlook on life.

You should also consider brain training -- not the games, but the more intensive stuff. A study on Improving Fluid Intelligence by Training Working Memory (PNAS April 2008) recorded increases in mental agility (fluid intelligence) of more than 40% after 19 days. It also helps with focus, concentration and memory.

I was so impressed that I contacted the research team and developed a software program using the same method so that anyone can achieve these improvements.
Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro

Best wishes,
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Duncan Watson said...

Cool stuff. I am an ivory tower refugee so I respect anyone working on mental improvement. I can't say that I know anything about your approach but anyone who values knowledge nowadays is to be treasured over the last 8 years of valuing ignorance.