Friday, February 6, 2009

Cyclist killed in Ballard

Cyclist killed in Ballard, I don't normally note cycling accidents but this one was not far from me and the cyclist killed was my age. His name is Kevin Black.

The cyclist was riding downhill (Southbound) on 24th Ave approaching the 65th St. A van was swinging right to make a wide U-turn, Kevin assumed the van was turning right, and passed on the left, when the van came about Kevin realized what was happening and laid the bike down, going under the van. Here is a link to google maps street view . As you can see there is no room for a U-turn there and a U-turn is illegal in that spot. Given the speed that Kevin had from the hill I don't see how this could have turned out well. My suspicion is that the van driver will face no citations or charges for her actions.

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