Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Raptobike update

Kirkland Bike Shop

Kirkland Bike Shop contacted me today and has most of the build ready for my frame to arrive. They are having trouble with the 13 tooth sprocket for the Rohloff. I wasn't able to find a quick source on the Internet but will continue to look. The frame kit hasn't shipped yet as Raptobike is waiting on the carbon seat. Additionally Kirkland Bike Shop also told me the quote was high and they forgot to give me the bulk discount. Good news all around, delays on only two items (13t sprocket, and seat) isn't so bad. I believe the wheel can be built up around the hub and the sprocket added when it arrives, so it won't cause too much stress. The frame kit does need to ship though, but I have a bit of time before my 40th birthday on April 3rd.

ref: Raptobike Plans

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