Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have been slacking off. Since December and the Snowpocalypse, I have been wimping out on my rides. As you can see in the report pictured, I rode 3 times in Dec, 10 in Jan, and 4 in February (I commuted today).

I need to get back on the bike and ride more. I have been fighting a persistent cough but it went away only to recently return. Blech. Sunday Feb 22 I ride the Chilly Hilly, I am a bit concerned about this ride but baring illness I will go. I will just take it easy, it runs from 8am to 3pm so I don't think I will have difficulty making the time cutoff. I need to lose weight and get my heath pointed in the right direction. I am thinking about Yoga and adding workouts at home into the mix as I just don't like feeling this way.


Russell said...

Don't beat yourself up! (Too much) Gotta find that line between demoralizing and motivating.

Duncan Watson said...

Agreed. When I have motivational issues I like to shake things up a bit. The weather had been getting me down and I did pick up this cough.

Yoga should help me with injury prevention and core strength. Once I convince the wife, I will be set :)