Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Sam Whittingham with Varna Diablo

Pictured above is Sam Whittingham with his record breaking Varna Diablo. He broke his own record last year in September reaching 82.3 mph. I just love the picture, the streamliner looks so elegant in that shot. It really makes me wish for a commercial two wheel streamliner platform. Quest velomobiles and other commercial velomobiles have a similar finished look. Most homebuilt streamliners look more like this:
John Tetz Orange Foam Streamliner

John Tetz's work is actually very good and he spends a lot of time on design and engineering with his projects. His later work is quite finished. It is just that when I see the Varna Diablo, I see elegance and beauty. I would love to have such an beautiful machine.


Russell said...

Sell everything and get a Glyde! That'd be close enough in my book.

I'm selling my motorcycle in the spring and may use the proceeds for a velo at some point.

Duncan Watson said...

I hear that. Though you can get a quest from bluevelo in Canada for less than a Glyde. ( http://www.bluevelo.com/quest_velomobile.html ) ~= $6,750 USD. With the US Dollar strengthening lately that price keeps getting cheaper. BlueVelo has their own quest molds now and makes them in Canada. You don't have to get on the multi-year waiting list from the Netherlands.

But for my usage a Glyde or a Quest is too heavy :( . I think that a homebuilt streamliner is in my future using a raptobike as the base structure.

Russell said...

True, they are a bit heavy, but if I get one, I'll buy the electric assist. I live on top of Queen Anne, and getting to the top is hard enough on my new 22 ish lb upright.

For me the charm of the velomobile is the all weather capability and car replacement potential. I can honestly consider riding one to a meeting on the Eastside, which I wouldn't do on any of my other bikes.

Duncan Watson said...

A velo with electric assist is awesome. As a car replacement it can't be beat and you make an excellent point. In fact if my wife and I ever decide we need a second car like vehicle, I will go with an electric assist velo myself. No need to get an electric car or motorcycle, a velo is cheaper by far.

I like the way you think. A bike for pleasure riding, commuting and rando rides. A velo with e-assist for commuting, errands, and meetings.