Friday, February 20, 2009

Goal Assessment

Rapto during 30 min crit WC2008
I have been looking at my goals for this year. The idea of completing a super randonneur series is not going to happen this year. I will instead focus on doing a couple 200ks, and maybe a permanent or two. I will supplement my endurance cycling with some HPRA racing. I want to get faster and that is best achieved by pushing oneself in shorter rides aka racing.

I signed up for the OHPV PIR event on Memorial Day weekend. There are a number of race events there and I will get to meet a ton of recumbent and streamliner notables, riders and builders. I also am penciling in the idea of heading out to the Texas 24hr Time Trial. The RBent crew from Texas really ripped up that course last year. I will go down there and crew for them and do one of the shorter events as well.

This year is planned to be the year I reboot my health and fitness. I can worry about performance goals next year, now I need to focus on getting fit and enjoying myself.

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