Friday, February 20, 2009

Greek aphorisms updated for recumbent riders

I stole this from Garrie Hill and Jeff Hunn.
Ancient Greek Modern
Know thyself. Know your bike
Nothing in excess No such thing as too much riding or too many bikes
Aid friends Stop to aid cyclists in need
Control Anger Don't get angry with the DFer; just blow by him on the next downhill
Shun unjust acts Don't steal another's ride
Acknowledge sacred things. Pursue the biking holy grail: light, strong & cheap
Hold on to learning. Know how to adjust your ride
Praise virtue. Praise other bentriders, for they have seen the light
Avoid enemies Ignore the UCI
Cultivate kinsmen Gather with other bikers and RIDE!!!
Pity supplicants Don't curse the headwinds; ride a lowracer
Accomplish your limit. Give HPRA racing a try
When you err, repent Apologize when you cut in front of another racer because you failed to use your mirror!
Consider the time. Give HPRA racing a try
Repeat not Recumbancy, not redundency
Worship the divine Carbon Fiber is kewl!!!
Accept old age. Don't give in without a fight -- ride streamlined

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