Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Raptobike Lowracer- Bike of the Year 2008 - BROL

Raptobike Lowracer

The Raptobike won the Reader's choice Bike of the Year 2008 pick on 'Bentrider Online. Apparently the choice was a runaway winner. Congratulations to Raptobike and I can't wait for my Raptobike Lowracer to arrive.


SilverBaronRider said...

Yeah get your Raptobike!
For the price well made and its getting better each month.>tweaking the drivetrain.
Looks very like a Baron exept the frontwheel drive.
Had a bit trouble with my knee touching the big idler, other from that great bike, stiff too.
Hans from Amsterdam

Duncan Watson said...

The baron like appearance is a plus for me. I was considering the baron before I found the Raptobike. I have heard from other regarding the big idler as well and if I have a similar problem I will rig a cover for it.

I am glad to hear it is such a nice bike. Personal experience is highly valuable. Thanks very much,