Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kirkland Bike Shop takes on the Raptobike project

Kirkland Bike Shop

I approached Kirkland Bike Shop to build up my frame kit for the raptobike. I brought my part list and pictures of the bike. They aren't a recumbent shop but were very excited to work on my project. They have worked on my recumbent bikes before and have always been very nice. No roadie attitude or mountain bike bias from these guys. They are genuinely happy to help anyone get the bike that works for them. In other words a dream shop. Their prices aren't great but they are on the Eastside and in a ritzy town so that is to be expected. They helped me when Performance bike screwed up my new compact crankset install on my old Fuji Cross. No need to rehash that story but Kirkland bike shop has worked on many of my bikes and has done some free work as well.

So now they have my deposit and are ordering the parts I specified. They are building the wheels for me as well including the Rohloff hub. I had the entire shop staff around me talking about this project. It was pretty exciting. Now I just have to wait ...

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Russell said...

Awesome. I look forward to seeing it.